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How to Get it?

The project is being developed Using SourceForge's system. The project's page on sourceforge is You can find the lastest version to download on that page, as well as access to the CVS repository. You can:

syscalltrack has a debian package, but the debian package currently severaly lags behind the official release. We recommend that you use the latest official release, but if you want the old debian version anyway, here are Instrcutions by the debian package maintainer, Baruch Even:

  • run the following command:
    apt-get update && apt-get install syscalltrack syscalltrack-source

This will bring in the utilities in syscalltrack and the module source.

Compiling is as simple as going to the kernel source tree and issuing: make-kpkg modules_image

This will pick up the correct kernel to compile and the rest is just to install the module deb from /usr/src/modules/

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